Dino Cervigni

Professor Emeritus of Romance Languages and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Dino Cervigni’s significant contributions engage all three categories of the academic profession: teaching, research, and service; and all levels of the academic community, from undergraduates to graduate students and faculty colleagues.  A highly productive and internationally recognized scholar in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Dino Cervigni is the founder (1983) and editor-in-chief of Annali d’Italianistica, a journal that, as one of his recommenders notes, “has had and continues to have a decisive and positive impact on the scholarly landscape of Italian Studies.” In addition to his longstanding service as editor of Annali d’italianistica, Professor Cervigni has distinguished himself as principal organizer of several major conferences and in his service as President of the American Association of Italian Studies (AAIS) for two three-year terms, as well as being named AAIS “Honorary President” in 2016. He has been a long-term member and supporter of the AATI, as an organizer of sessions and participant in many of its conferences, both in North America and in Italy.  A gifted instructor with high standards and expectations, Professor Cervigni’s students’ highlight his generosity, guidance, and support in his role as teacher and mentor. One of his students writes: “his diligence, generosity and concern for his students does not stop at the end of each lesson.”The closing comments of one of his recommenders capture Dr. Cervigni’s  value and impact to our Association and to our profession over the past forty years: “Over his long and distinguished career, Dino Cervigni has demonstrated his many fine qualities as a gifted and prolific scholar and dynamic and innovative colleague. He has given generously of his time and expertise for the betterment of our Association and for the development and enrichment of Italian Studies at all levels; he is truly committed to the highest goals of our profession.”