Vivere Italia

AATI-Midwest Presents

Vivere Italia

Symposium: Incorporating internships and

Made in Italy into the high school and

university classroom.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Forest View Educational Center

2121 S. Goebbert

Arlington Heights, IL

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Keynote Address

Dr. David Schuler, Superintendent of Township High School District 214

“Redefining Ready”

Dr. Enza Antenos, Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey

“Thinking globally, act locally: Illinois and Made in Italy”

Think globally, act locally is an underlying concept that will educate multilingual, global

citizens in current social and entrepreneurial contexts, bridging Illinois and Italy. Made in

Italy, the brand that represents products of its four pillars – Abbligliamento, Alimentari,

Arredo, Automazione – permeate the American consumer market so why not bring “Made in

Italy” into the classroom? Let’s prepare our students to engage in Italian communities

abroad and here at home, and let’s bring them on a journey that will make language and

culture relevant to them, that will help them identify the skills they will need to be successful

in both the local and global marketplaces. Some fun and engaging strategies for integrating

Made in Italy in the Italian curriculum, at all levels of instruction, will be shared and will

range from learning the alphabet to numbers, from Italian geography to world geography in

Italian, and from task-based to research-based activities.

Dr. Ryan Calabretta-Sajder, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

“Made in Italy: Teaching the Five As Both Local and Abroad”

At a time when students, parents, and administrators want to witness a more practical application to world

language learning, MADE IN ITALY offers a solution to this dilemma. This workshop will provide an

overview to teaching MADE IN ITALY at the high school level, both locally and through study abroad

opportunities. We will begin by examining the importance of assuming a varied approach to language

learning and how culture can illicit functional language skills. Playing primarily off of the communicative

and task-based learning approaches, along with a few others like the translation method, the instructor will

model one entire MADE IN ITALY unit for the group. Additionally, he will share some facts on the

critical role Italy plays in the European market, underscoring why and how teachers of Italian need to rethink

approaches to language learning to include cultural and linguistic knowledge aimed at preparing

students for real world experiences.

Ms. Lyn Scolaro, Prospect High School

“Adopt an Italian Program”

The second half of the workshop will offer a ‘hands-on’ approach to designing a MADE IN ITALY course at

the high school level, allowing the participants to do group work and start working on the second unit of the

course, to brainstorm ideas, and to create a project with a company that has an office or link to Italy so that

students will be able to use their Italian while collaborating with a business with a link to Italy. Please note

that the organizers are working with companies interested in collaborating with a high school. The goal is to

have companies available for attendees to customize their project to the company. All of the morning

presenters will be available to assist in your efforts.

Proud Sponsors

Township High School District 214, Symposium Host

AATI-North America, Italidea-Midwest, Frantoi Redoro (Grezzana,Verona)

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